On Photography

Photography is not something that just comes and goes. It plays an important part in everyone's lives because it is something that helps bring back the past and helps capture memories in the present. Taking photos is something everyone has done in their lifetime, whether in their home or outside when they are traveling. Tourists go to other places to photograph the new things they see. If they don’t take pictures of the view, they won’t have anything to help them remember the places they went to. It is essential for photos to be taken because photos can be used to experience the past again and again and is a way to make new memories in the present. Although taking pictures is unlimited, someone's memories are limited, so it will be a good idea to have something to think back on what happened in the past.
The quote at the end of In Plato’s Cave, “Today everything exists to end in a photograph” (24) is a good quote to keep in mind because everyone has, at one point in their lives, taken a picture of what they considered to be memorable. Being able to take photos wherever you are is a big opportunity because it gives you the power to put on record unlimited scenes in your life that you do not want to forget and want to treasure forever. “Photography has become one of the principal devices for experiencing something, for giving an appearance of participation” (10). To be able to say that you experienced something or you have been to a specific place, you should have proof of the event happening, and taking photos is a good way to keep track of what you have experienced and all the places you have traveled to.
To me, photography has played an important role in my everyday activitire because it is so simple to forget experiences that happened in the moment. I like to be able to capture the memories and store it somewhere where I know I can always look back and remember what I did and how I looked at that time. When someone wantss to see what you have been doing throughout your lifetime, it is nice to have a visual representation to make things a little more simpler to understand. Colors and angles are a good way to show people what emotions you had that day and how you were feeling that day.

Graphic Novel: Motherhood in crisis
- Heela: The schholgirl ('My stolen future')-

The illustrations in this graphic novel was more focused on depicting the facial features and emotions of the individuals rather than the detils and designs in their clothing. In the illustrations, you can see that the clothing was meant to be simple and with basic colors. However, the photographs included with the illustrations shows the intricate designs and colors in the clothing. The photographs also look more well-dressed, with the presence of jewelry and accessories. The hairstyles are also different. Being able to visually see the images instead of just reading the text helps to better understand the emotions they bring out when talking about these specific topics. We can not only focus on what is being said, but we can visually see the person saying the dialogue, making it feel more meaningful.

Workers in the Global South are making a living playing the blockchain game Axie Infinity

This NFT game involving the buying and playing of Axies and helped Secretario earn more money than he would have if he continued working his old job. His introduction to the NFT game has allowed him to become one of the millions of people who are able to purchase and earn money by selling their Axies. The ability to play games at home while earning money is a job anyone would want to have, and because of this job, Secretario is able to pay for charities and pay for both him and his grandmother's living. The game has impacted his life in a positive way and by what he says, he is happy how his past actions has helped him financially in the present.

How 'Trustless' Is Bitcoin, Really?

Bitcoin has now been around for a while now and everyone is trying to invest in it. Becuase of this, it is hard for it to be "trustless", meaning it doesn't rely on the government to keep it running. However, because it is "trustless", it is more harmful to the enviornment because of all the elctricity it is using to create code. In my opinion, I think Bitcoin being "trustless" is a good thing in that no one has to trust another person for Bitcoin to be available to use. This might help the currency run better and longer in the future. But with there being a lot of code, there was going to be a lot of leaks.